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Select Collaborators, Clients & Consultees

Barbara Moore

Actress, Model & Pro-Am Ballroom Dancing Champion

Robert Kovacik

Award-Winning Anchor, Investigative Reporter, TV Personality & Activist



Elina Shaffy

Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Miss USA/Miss Universe Contestant & Activist



“Celebrity Fitness Trainer Elina Shaffy Has Nothin’ But ‘A-List’ Clients, Including Jon Peters, Robert Shapiro & Elliot Mintz”

Charlotte Ross

Day Time/Primetime & Feature Film Actress & Activist



“Award-Winnining Activist/Actress Charlotte Ross Campaigns for Great Apes”

John Ferriter

Television Producer, Packaging Agent & Musician



‘Stardom 101’: Some Coaching for News Peeps from Acclaimed TV Producer/Agent John Ferriter (Featuring Anchorwoman Courtney)”



Julie Cialini

Actress, Playmate of the Year & Activist



“Playmate of the Year Endorses the Conservation Work of Zoos”

Eden Sassoon

Brand Innovator, CEO, Influencer & Activist



“Eden Sassoon Debuts on RHOBH & Talks About Her Famous Family & Her Eclectic Brand” |



Mieshelle Nagelschneider

Author, Behaviorist (The Cat Whisperer™️) & Spokesperson



“The Big Little Cat That Purrs” |



Katie Cleary

Actress, Film Producer & Activist



“Katie Cleary’s “Give Me Shelter” Wins for Best Short Film”



Suzi Simpson (info coming)

Jefery Levy (info coming)

Alison Eastwood (info coming)

Digital Interviews:
Hugh Hefner (with the Barbi Twins), Elina Shaffy (Jon Peters, Elliot Mintz, and Robert Shapiro), Eden Sassoon, (John Ferriter with Courtney Friel), Eric Roberts, Charlotte Ross, Jennifer Lee Pryor (Richard Pryor Tribute), Nelson Family (Willie Nelson Tribute), Linda Thompson (Elvis Presley Tribute), Alison Eastwood (with Billy McNamara), Lorenzo Lamas, Bonnie Jill Laflin, Katie Cleary, Julie Cialini, Jack Hanna, Carolyn Henessy | (Scientist Roster): Michael Hutchins, PhD, Dan Ashe…

Broadcast Interviews:
Julie Scardina, Ron Magill, Thane Maynard, Grey Stafford PhD, Billy Hurley, Conrad Schmitt, Colleen Kinzley, Nolan Harvey, Steve Seyfurt, Tammy Thies, Ronda Schwetz, Lori Holmstol, Richard Ellis, William Conway, PhD (Hon), Michael Hutchins, PhD, Ron Swaisgood, PhD, Laurie Marker, PhD, Ian Dutton PhD, Shirley McGreal, PhD, Sharon Deem, DVM, PhD Dipl. ACZM, Wong Te Siew, PhD, Barbara Heidenreich, ED, Ric Berlinski, DVM, Lucy Spelman, DVM Dipl. ACZM, Luke Hunter, PhD, Jackson Zee, PhD, Willy Cotto, Ady Gill, Mieshelle Nagelschneider, Robert Buchanan…

Entertainment/News Media:
John Ferriter (packaging agent/ producer), Jefery Levy (independent film screen writer/director/producer/actor) | Robert Kovacik (TV journalist with NBCLA) | Sandra Dee Robinson (actress/spokesperson/author), John Birger (journalist, author)

Corporate Executive Leadership:
Ben Sutton (President, IMG College), Kimberly Foss (wealth manager/CNBC commentator/author), Amy Andersen (matchmaker); Jessica Denay (founder, Hot Moms Club lifestyle brand)

Academic/Nonprofit Executive Leadership:
Terry Maple, PhD (Distinguished Professor & Zoo Director Emeritus, Zoo Atlanta & Palm Beach Zoo…)
Michael Hutchins, PhD (Endowed Chair, Conservation & Science (Association of Zoos & Aquariums), CEO, The Wildlife Society…)

Civil Servants, Military, Law Enforcement:
Ret. Brig. Gen. John E. Mitchell (USAF/NATO), Sal LaBarbera (Homicide Detective, LAPD)

Some Samples of Archived Celebrity Journalism

Publishing icon, Playboy Enterprises
Associations-Kimberly Conrad Hefner (ex-spouse)
“Fitness Model Elina Shaffy Trains a ‘Dream Team’ of Clients: Including Producer Jon Peters, Attorney Robert Shapiro & Publicist Elliot Mintz”
Producer & director | former USC film school professor | attorney
Associations-Pamela Skaist Levy (spouse)
CEO, The Alternative LLC | former executive vice president,

William Morris (WME) |Executive, Octagon Entertainment
President & CEO, Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) |
former director, US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS)
Director Emeritus, Columbus Zoo &
Aquarium | celebrity wildlife expert
(NATO Commander | US Air Force Brigadier General-retired) (12 interviews)
Program leader, American Bird Conservancy |
formerly Executive Director, The Wildlife Society |
William Conway Endowed Chair |
Director of Conservation & Science, AZA
Fashion designer | philanthropist
Associations-Tommy Hilfiger (spouse)
Celebrity Dating coach | radio talkshow host & columnist, Playboy Enterprises
RHOBH castmate |lifestyle brand |aesthetic & fitness health
Associations-Vidal Sassoon (father), Beverly Sassoon (mother)
Songwriter | animal activist
Associations-David Foster (spouse) / Caitlyn Jenner /
Elvis Presley (ex-spouse/ex-partner) 
Daytime/primetime TV/feature film actress/animal activist

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